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In this video i do heavy slug air gun hunting Utah USA. HN Sports and myself designed a new range of 25 calibre air gun heavy slugs for the ultimate air gun hunting experience. To test out the new air gun hunting slugs i traveled to Utah in United States of America and joined up with Utah Airguns for the ultimate air gun hunting adventure. My air gun of choice for this air gun hunting adventure was the Fx Impact M3 that has been custom build by Utah Airguns. We got several invites from farmers in need of pest control to help them out. Air gun hunting is still the best way to take care of problems like this.
The new Hn 25 calibre heavy slugs has the ultimate new airgun slug hollow point called the t slot design. The design for this hollow point was a team effort between myself and HN Sports for the ultimate air gun hunting experience. HN Sports has over a 100 years of experience in manufacturing fire arm bullets and air gun ammunition for airgun hunting and that is why i teamed up such a giant in the air gun world.
As a professional hunter i do airgun hunting and air gun competitive shooting for a living. I always try to educate up coming a air gun hunters on how to hunt clean and humane without causing any suffering on animals. The air gun hunting we do in this video was done in a ethical and humane way. All the rodent pests was taken down by air gun hunting and disposed in a safe manner.
We manage to hunt down many rodents such as ground squirrels, muskrat, rock chucks and raccoons with air gun hunting method. To showcase how really effective the new HN 25 calibre air gun hunting slugs are we traveled to big mountain to hunt down two barbados rams. These animals is clever and is really hard to hunt down.
With the help of the Utah Airguns crew i managed to take down two rams with a impressive display of air gun hunting power from the HN 25 calibre heavy slugs and the Fx Impact M3. This air gun and slug combination is one the best to use to hunt down big animal game like this. The HN Slugs has always delivered high end accuracy and now with the new air gun hunting hollow point you get the knock down power as well. The Fx Impact air gun has always been my number one choice to use in airgun hunting journeys like this.
Very few people do know that i work along side air gun manufacturer Fx Airguns and HN Sports in research and development for new generation of airguns and air gun ammunition. To work with both these air gun giants has really helped me to push this sport to the next level.

My air gun hunting gear i used:

Black .25 Fx Impact M3 Sniper
700mm superior heavy liner
.25 Hn Heavy slugs
DonnyFl Fatboy and Koi silencer
Element Optics Nexus scope/Pulsar Thermal scope
Saber Tactical body kit

Bronze custom Utah Airguns .25 Fx Impact M3 Sniper
700mm superior heavy liner
.25 Hn Heavy slugs
DonnyFl Ronin silencer
Element Optics Nexus scope
Saber Tactical body kit

Camera gear: Sideshot Hero 10
Canon Ax11 main camera
Rode video mic pro

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