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In this video i go air gun hunting for rodents on a farm in need. I team up with two air gun hunting friends Kevin and Barend to help me with this ratting job on a farm with a big pest problem. In this video i also do air gun hunting field test with the Javelot Pro 2 flashlight i received from O-Light south africa. This air gun hunting night was filled with high action ratting and a good showcase how effective the air gun is for rat control on farms. I love air gun hunting and air gun competitive shooting and i put my skills to work on farms that is in need of pest control. Air gun hunting pest control is the most effective and most economy friendly way to get rid of pest species on farms. Without air gun pest control on the farms, the numbers of pest species will spiral out of control and cause major financial lost for the farmers. The air gun we use is high power and shoot air gun hunting pellets at speeds that can take down rats effective and humane. All the pest rats that was air gun hunted was donated to predator birds rehabs as a source of a meal for predator birds.

My gear i use for hunting is specific for air gun hunting in the day and also at night. I use ATN night vision gear for my air gun and paired with that O-Light lights to scout and search for the pests in the sheds and farm yard. For the best results to hunt rats with a air gun you need to use a ref filter on your lights. I capture air gun hunting footage on my cameras to showcase how effective this air gun hunting setup is and to educate on how to use them safely . I love videography and in mix it up into my air gun shooting career. I love share the thrill of the hunt and teach up coming air gun hunters the correct way how to use a air gun safely and hunt humanely as well. I am a professional air gun hunter and competitive shooter that do this for a living. I work closely with big air gun developers such like Fx Airguns and air gun ammo suppliers HN Sport. I am research and develop air guns and air gun slugs. I was the co-designer of the T slot design that HN Sport recently applied to most of their air gun slug products. These air gun slugs and pellets is a must for air gun hunting and for competitive shooting.

It was a great night to hunt with my air gun hunting friends. They really know their stuff when it comes down to air gun hunting. I was happy to share my knowledge with them and to part of this team that helped out this farmer with his pest problem on his farm. If yo want to see more air gun hunting videos like this then you can browse through my channel to find some more high action packed air gun hunting episodes. Feel free to leave me a comment also about this air gun hunting episode.

If you want more detail on the O-Light range of products the you can follow this link: https://www.olightstore.co.za/s/6ZLKLT
or you can visit the o-light store www.olightstore.co.za


Gear Used

Air gun 2: Fx Impact M3 .22
Air gun barrel: Superior liner 700mm
Air gun ammo: HN Sports Barracuda 18gn pellets (900fps)
Air gun Scope: ATN 4k Pro
Air gun IR: Nightcore Pro
Air gun Hunting light: Javelot Pro 2 Hunting Kit

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