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In this episode of maxed on air gun hunting i go long rang air gun hunting past 200 yards with my latest two new fx impact air gun setups. I am air gun hunting sportsman and i also do competitive air gun shooting for a career. My air gun setups is the most important for me and in this episode i display my latest air gun hunting setups for pesting and for PRS Nrl competition shooting. I love precision shooting and air gun hunting and it is part of my lifestyle.

The Fx Impact is such a icon in the air gun hunting and competitive shooting platforms that is by long shot my favorite air gun of all time. I love to do air gun hunting across the world and part of career as a hunter i love to teach other air gun hunting shooters the best i can when it comes to shooting skill and good hunting ethics. I want to set a good example to other air gun hunting and competitive shooters out there. In this latest air gun hunting video i showcase the accuracy and precision of my air guns and my air gun hunting slugs.

I work close with air gun manufacturer Fx Airguns on developing air guns and i work with HN Sports that has been developing fire arm bullets and air gun hunting ammo for over a 100 years now. I goal is to advance the sport of air gun hunting and competitive shooting and making this passion a reality for most out there that love air guns as much as what i do. Recently i co designed a brand new air gun hunting slug with HN Sports that is specifically designed to give you maximum accuracy and expansion in air gun hunting slug.

Myself and Hn call it the T slot design in the new developed hollow point we created. These air gun hunting slugs work best in the Fx Airguns range and also in other leading air gun developing air guns out there. As a hunter i believe that is important to always help out those in need like farmers that struggle with big pest bird problems on farms. In this episode i do air gun hunting pest control on a farm in south africa that asked for my help to control pest bird numbers on this farm.

All the birds that was hunted down in this video was donated to locals on the farms for food and the rest was donated to the falcon rehab center for food for the predator birds. Air gun hunting is the most effective way to take care of pest birds and rodents on farms. It saves a lot on cost on ammo and makes hunting fun and educational for up coming air gun hunting shooters. I love videography and i love content creating for others.

I combined this with my air gun hunting adventures to give the best feeling to hunters watching my videos of the thrill of the hunt and also educating them on good air gun hunting methods of hunting. If you love air gun hunting as much as what i do then this video is for you!!

Air gun hunting gear used:

Air gun: Fx Impact M3 Sniper PRS
Air gun barrel: Fx superior heavy liner 700mm
Air gun ammo: HN Slug Hp 2 30gn @1000 FPS
Air gun optics: Element Optics Nexus Apr1 1C FFP
Air gun silencer: DonnyFl Fatboy 2.0
Air gun Bodykit: Saber tactical gear
Air gun grip and weights: MDT

Air gun: Fx Impact M3 Long range
Air gun barrel: Fx superior heavy liner 800mm
Air gun ammo: HN Slug Hp 2 30gn @1000 FPS
Air gun optics: Element Optics Nexus Apr1 1C FFP
Air gun silencer: DonnyFl Sumo
Air gun Bodykit: Airmarksman Backbone
Air gun grip and weights: Annarchy

Air gun gear for tripods and accessories: https://threepercenttactical.co.za/
Air gun gear : https://utahairguns.com/

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