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In this video i go on a intense air gun hunting adventure on a farm with my Fx Impact M3. Goose hunting is something that i love to do for food and air gun pest control i do as part of my living. For me air gun hunting is a easy and cost effective way to hunt for food. My favorite airgun is the trustworthy Fx Impact from Sweden that provides me a effective way of hunting especially if i do air gun hunting South Africa, I use high powered slugs in my air gun that is very effective for goose hunting and any pest control air gun hunting. I always aim to hunt my animals very clean and humane and that is why i believe that headshots put any small game animals down without any suffering and is very ethical when it comes to air gun hunting. I do compete as a professional marksmen in air gun events around the world, it is also a sport that i am very passionate about. My aim with my videos that i can create is to inspire young and up coming sport air gun hunters, to show them what it takes to become a professional air gun hunter like myself. This video is also a great example of how unique the Fx Impact is in this kind of hunting scenes. Join me in this air gun hunting adventure with my Fx Impact and see how i i do goose hunting and pigeon pest control on a farm in South Africa. All the footage is recorded with a professional recording equipment and is edited by myself. If you love air gun hunting like myself then sit back and relax....


Fx Impact M3 Sniper edition
700mm Superior Linger
HN 30 gn slugs @ 980FPS
Element Optics Nexus Scope
Donny Fl Ronin Silencer
Saber Tactical Fx Impact Body kit

Canon ex11
Canon EDS 250 D
Go Pro Hero 7 action camera
Side Shot Go Pro scope cam system
Rode video mic Pro

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