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The new Baracuda 18 grain air gun hunting pellets from HN is here! In this video i go out goose hunting with the new pellets for the first time. Equipped with the best air gun hunting rifle from Fx Airguns i go goose hunting for a pest specie called Egyptian geese. This goose is a invasive specie in S.A and its crucial to keep their numbers down. I prefer goose hunting with a center fire rifle but if you have air gun hunting skills then you can do goose hunting with pellets. Air gun hunting is a very effective and cost efficient for goose hunting like this. For a living i do air gun hunting and is huge air gun enthusiast. I work close with Fx air guns and other leading air gun manufactures to improve the way of air gun hunting and sport shooting. I am also a content creator on You tube that document all my air gun hunting adventures for learning purposes and adventure seeking people out there. If you love air gun hunting or goose hunting then this video is for you. Sit back and relax...enjoy!!

Gear Used:

Fx Dreamline GRS .22
H&N 18 Gn baracuda air gun pellets
Fx Superior liner 500mm
Element Optics Helix Scope
Otis gun care lens cleaning kit
Donnyfl Tanto silencer


Canon Ax11
Canon d250
Sideshot camera system
Go Pro Hero Aciton cam

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