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In this episode of air gun hunting with goodfellas i am joined by air gun hunting legends from Utah airguns. We take the new released H&N Slug Hp2 air gun hunting slugs on a maiden air gun hunting adventure. For this air gun hunting job we are using the latest Fx Airgun called the Fx Impact M3. We focus our air gun hunting mission on rodents that is causing agriculture damage to farmlands. Also joining me on this hunt is Dylan from a air gun hunting channel called "Airgun Mafia". Dylan do alot of air gun hunting pest control on farms to help farmers in Utah. Air gun hunting is one of the best ways to get rid of these kind of pests in a humane way. The air gun hunters that is joining me on this air gun hunting job has been shooting for many years and is classed as pro air gun hunters like myself. We believe that we need to se a good example to all other air gun hunting marksmen out there to hunt humane and clean without any suffering to animals.
As a professional air gun hunting marksmen i believe in high quality ammo and air guns. The air gun hunting slugs i am using today was co-designed by myself with H&N Sports to bring you the best possible expansion power on impact with high accuracy consistently. The unique T-Slot design of these air gun hunting slugs is the first of its kind. With good air gun hunting ammo you need a good air gun to give you the edge on these kind of air gun hunts. The air gun Fx Impact had changed the way we think about air guns in many ways with its high end accuracy and adjustability. As a researcher in air gun hunting and competitive air gun shooting i strive to advance the sport the best i can. I worked for many years now with leading air gun and air gun ammo manufactures like Fx Airguns and HN Sport. We always strive to better the air gun hunting and air gun competitive shooting for future shooters. I am also a qualified air gun smith that build custom airguns but my big passion is in creating existing air gun hunting content for all hunters to enjoy. I see my air gun hunting videos as entertaining and also as a way to educate upcoming air gun hunters and shooters.
If you love air gun hunting and shooting as much as what i do then this video is for you!!
Air gun hunting gear used form Utah Airguns: https://utahairguns.com/
Airgun Mafia channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpY3aGBQx5ljmmz9RkAxMw

Air gun: Fx Impact M3 Sniper
Air gun ammo: HN Slug Hp2 25-30gn
Air gun Speed: 980fps
Air gun Silencer: Donnyfl Fatboy and Ronin
Air gun bodykits: Saber Tactical, air marksmen
Air gun hunting recording: Side Shot go pro hero 10

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