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Air gun hunting precision is what every air gunner is aiming for. The Fx Crown mk2 and Fx Impact is the perfect pest control tools to use on farms with big pest problems. In this video i do air gun hunting pest control with the Fx Crown and Fx Impact on a farm that is in need of help with their pest problems. All my air gun hunting pest control that i do with my air guns is humane and lead to no suffering on any animals. Air gun hunting is needed to prevent over population of pest species that cause harm to local and farming communities. I am a professional air gun hunter that uses my Fx Crown and Fx impact on a daily basis to help those in need. I have a huge passion for filming and documenting my air gun hunting and that is why i record and share my experience with others to help and educate them on this kind of hunting. I also demonstrate how effecting air gun hunting can be on pest control jobs like this with my Fx Crown and Fx impact. Most of my pest birds is eatable and is donated to the local community for food. Join me on this air gun hunting adventure and see what i do as a profession.

Gear Used:

Fx Crown Mk2
Hn Slugs 25 grain
Element Optics Nexus Optic
DonnyFl Suppressor Tanto
Accu Tac Bi Pod
Saber Tactical Chassis

Fx Impact Mk2 Power Plenum
Zan Projectiles 25.5 grain
Element Helix Optic
DonnyFl Tatsu Suppressor
Accu Tac Bi Pod

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