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A Worthy Successor The Next Generation Javelin Slugs Are Here

Got an hour of free time? No? Find some and get the popcorn, because this documentary is worth watching!

Visit https://patriot-slugs.com for more information

0:00 Intro
1:55 The Evolution of Airguns & Projectiles
3:39 Patriot’s Humble Beginnings
5:30 Matt joins Patriot and the Javelin is Born
8:00 Always Looking Forward: Our R&D Process
11:50 Enter Hein Fromann
17:45 Prototype Testing Ramps Up
19:07 Designing the Perfect Slug
20:50 Hunting Test and What we Learned: September 2021
27:50 Final Tests: Pretoria, November 2021
30:00 Terminal Performance and HP Profile
35:38 Testing in Sweden: November 2021
37:59 .25 Cal Testing
47:11 USA Testing & Feedback from Shooters
50:15 Finalizing .25 and .30 Designs: Sweden, Feb 2022
54:33 Production Begins - Enter Barry Vorster
59:30 Looking to the Future

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