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JSB Slugs 177 - 10gr and 13,43gr - which one is best

Finally got to the indoor range to try out both these slugs, FX MK II compact fitted with the 600mm barrel, reg pressure up to 125bar, Huma pin probe and dual airflow system installed for extra power. Windless conditions.

Also go and watch this video where the 177 JSB Beasts and Redesigned's take one another out.

Battle of the beasts JSB 177 https://youtu.be/lMzEYPajr7M
JSB KO’s 177 – 5 gun test https://youtu.be/qT7l7MSO0OQ
Pigeon hunt with the kids https://youtu.be/gXLqDQ-y2kc
JSB Ko’s 216 vs 217 long range https://youtu.be/PsHYLn4ta1s
Unknown Slugs 50m and 100m review https://youtu.be/FxcijXMHmJE
22gr how slow can they go https://youtu.be/camOwffa1JM
Superior Heavy Slug Liner & JSB KO’s https://youtu.be/xtlGems7yHI
Unknown Slugs 1st review https://youtu.be/ZsV_KwAjZz0

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