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H&N competition pellets review

This video is aimed (pardon the pun) at the sub 12 ft.pd shooters all over the world, this is for the Field Target and Hunter Field Target community, but anybody is welcome to have a look. I am testing the H&N competition pellets, including the new Baracuda Green that is a lead free pellet. I am using 3 different guns to make sure we get a nice balanced approach.

The guns being used today are all .177 and sub 12 ft.pd:
HW100 with a thumb-hole stock
HW100 with tripod

Latest tests:

Can an iPad stop a bullet? https://youtu.be/Rog8AtxemRY
220 yards 30gr javelin shot https://youtu.be/UlBfXPGGEyk
50m pellet comparison in WIND https://youtu.be/W651AQwTn5g
AA vs H&N vs JSB 18gn https://youtu.be/mBRHUrPJa1I
H&N Pellet testing: https://youtu.be/uDlazL6PEfg
Ultra Light Weight Slug https://youtu.be/rM-il2d3ZmY
AA 18gn 100m https://youtu.be/UN5nQL8EtOM
Inferno 25,4gn REX Tip https://youtu.be/29W8qctmIVg

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