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Daystate Pulsar HP .22 Forest Green Laminate stock

This is pure gun adultery or gun porn, probably the most beautiful bullpup in the work, the build quality is exceptional, smooth cocking lever and a trigger to die for. Today I am testing the High Power version with pellets and slugs.

00:00 Intro
04:50 Gun Goodies
06:20 JSB 15,89gr
08:20 Olympia 15,89gr
09:55 H&N Baracuda 18
11:30 Cometa (JSB) 18,13gr
12:30 H&N 21gr Slugs .218
14:20 FX Hybrid Slugs 22gr
15:35 Unknown SLugs 22gr
16:40 H&N 23gr .217 Slugs
17:40 H&N 23gr .218 Slugs
19:05 Javelin 23gr slugs .217
20:25 Javelin 23gr slugs .218
21:20 JSB Knock Out slugs 25,39gr
22:35 Conclusion

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