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Can water stop a high speed slug?

31 October 2020 / 1182 views / Aim Small

Can water stop a high speed slug?

Shooting slugs with the FX Impact I decided to test the stopping power of water on a slug, the experiment turned into another slug expansion test accidentally. 3 slugs were used, Javelin 26gn, JSB Knockouts 25,39gn and the H&N 27gn. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it too.


Gun Set up:
700mm Superior liner with Power Plenum
Reg @ 125bar
Valve at 3 and ¾
Duel Flow Port and Pin Probe installed
Hammer spring maxed out

Latest tests:
JSB KnockOut slugs 100m test
Javelin 100M test:
Choosing the best slug Part I:
Choosing the best Slug Part II:
Choosing the best slug Part III:
H&N 100m slug test:
Javelin 30gn slugs:
Javelin Slugs in 26gn:
Pinprobe speed increase:
Javelin Slugs in 23gn:
JSB KnockOuts 25,4gn vs. H&N 25gn slugs:
H&N 23gn and 27gn (.217 and .218)
H&N 21gn and 25gn (.217 and .218):
Size Matters:

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