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Brocock Concept XR Lite

23 March 2022 / 275 views / Aim Small

Brocock Concept XR Lite

The spectacular looking Brocock Concept XR Lite fell into my hands thanks to, I only have this gun for a couple of weeks to test and to play with. The one element that stood out from the word go was the build quality of this gun, the looks were a close second. I am testing this gun with 12 different pellets, looking for the optimal balance in accuracy.

0:00 Intro
00:28 About the channel
01:03 Intro to gun
02:46 Made in England
03:14 Valiant Lynx Scope
04:00 Adjustable butt pad
04:43 Specs
05:34 Power settings
07:08 Fill pressure gage
08:41 Pellets to be tested
09:50 Olympia 15,59gr
10:55 H&N Field target Trophy Plus
11:52 Polymag Predator
12:50 H&N Hornet
14:18 H&N Terminator
15:30 JSB 15,89gr
17:40 H&N Baracuda Hunter
18:40 H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme
19:35 Air Arms AA 18.13gr
21:55 Baracuda 18
22:50 JSB 18.13gr
22:25 Comeat 18.13gr
24:15 Shot string
25:35 Wrap up , Pro's and con's

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