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Florida Iguana HUNT !! + LCS Air Arms SK-19 .25 (FULL REVIEW) - EPIC Miami Iguana Infestation !!!

In this video, I take the semiautomatic LCS Air Arms SK-19 .25 caliber air gun to Miami, Florida to hunt the Green Iguana, a Florida Invasive Species. This Green Iguana elimination event was legally contracted by Broward County, Florida in an effort to save the Florida Burrowing Owl... which is a "Florida Threatened Species." In the public park where this hunt was filmed, the invasive Green Iguana is pushing out the indigenous Florida Burrowing Owl population by forcing them from their underground nests.

The air rifle used in this video for Iguana pest elimination is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) airgun designed for hunting, plinking, and target practice. Its air gun design incorporates an externally adjustable regulator & repeating hammerless valve system with a Lothar Walther Polygonal Barrel. This rare combination makes the gun very accurate, convenient, and fun to operate.

The SK-19 is tunable and running it at about 60 fpe, it gets approximately 60 shots per fill out of its removable 480 cc carbon fiber bottle. This bottle is refillable to 250 bar. Max usable power is likely in the area of 65-70 fpe in .25 cal... push it much harder than that and accuracy may be compromised via pellet instability. Shooting a JSB 33.95gr airgun pellet, ideal speed is probably in the 875 to 915 fps range.

This pellet gun also takes advantage of rigid picatinny rails so that one can mount a scope and bipod, a shrouded barrel to help reduce noise, a light weight dual stage trigger with dual safeties, a rubber buttstock, an auto-indexing titanium magazine, and dual manometers... one for reading remaining air pressure, and the other for reading the current regulator setting.

Thank you, "Iguana Solutions" of Fort Lauderdale, FL for guiding this Florida wildlife conservation event & hunt!!

Thank you Airguns of Arizona for sending me on this amazing hunt!

Gear used in the making of this video:

* LCS Air Arms SK-19 .25 caliber airgun
* MTC Optics 3-12x44 F2 Scope
* Sportsmatch Rings U.K. Scope Mounts
* 0db Moderator
* Kraford & Lypt KLS-SK Adjustable But Pad
* Accutac BR4G2 Bipod
* JSB 33.95gr air gun pellets
* Omega Tank & Air Compressor
* Triggercam 2.1 Scope Cam
* GoPro Hero 8
* Sony A6400 DSLR
* Sennheiser MKE400 microphone
* DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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